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Inter-league K.O Cup

Date: Sunday 19th January 2020 | Venue: Racks Snooker & Pool Bar

Event Start Time: 10:30am

The top team from each group will qualify for the semi-finals. Semi-final draw will be made on the day.

Matches will be concluded once a team has reached 10 frames - There will be no need to play out the remaining frames of the match. If teams are tied for League positions Head to Head will determine who qualifies for the later stages.

Group A (Tables 4 & 5)

Hayes 'B'------
Maidenhead 'C'------
Hayes 'C'------


Group A

Start Time:HomeAway
10.30amHayes 'B'vMaidenhead 'C'
12.00pmLoser of Match 1vHayes 'C'
1:30pmHayes 'C'vWinner of Match 1

Group B (Tables 10 & 13)

Maidenhead 'A'------
Renegade 'A'------
Wycombe 'B'------


Group B

Start Time:HomeAway
10:30amMaidenhead 'A'vRenegade 'A'
12:00pmLoser of Match 1vWycombe 'B'
13.30pmWycombe 'B'vWinner of Match 1

Group C (Tables 8 & 9)

Renegade 'Z'------
Maidenhead 'B'------
Wycombe 'A'------


Group C

Start Time:HomeAway
10:30amRenegade 'Z'vMaidenhead 'B'
12:00pmLoser of Match 1vWycombe 'A'
13.30pmWycombe 'A'vWinner of Match 1

Group D (Tables 11 & 12)

Hammersmith 'B'------
Hayes 'A'------
Hammersmith 'A'------


Group D

Start Time:HomeAway
10:30amHammersmith 'B'vHayes 'A'
12:00pmLoser of Match 1vHammersmith 'A'
13.30pmHammersmith 'A'vWinner of Match 1