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Inter-league K.O Cup

Date: Sunday 5th February 2017 | Venue: Racks Snooker & Pool Bar

Group A (Tables 11 & 12)

Team 1 - Berkshire Ninjas | Team 2 - Maidenhead 'A' | Team 3 - Hayes 'A'

Maidenhead 'A'220025114
Hayes 'A'210122142
Berkshire Ninjas20027290

Group B (Tables 10 & 13)

Team 1 - Hammersmith 'A' | Team 2 - Maidenhead 'C' | Team 3 - Maidenhead 'B'

Hammersmith 'A'220025114
Maidenhead 'B'210118182
Maidenhead 'C'200211250

Group C (Tables 4 & 5)

Team 1 - Haye 'B' | Team 2 - Hayes 'C' | Team 3 - Renegade

Hayes 'B'220026104
Hayes 'C'201112241


Group A

Berkshire Ninjas3v15Maidenhead 'A'
Berkshire Ninjas4v14Hayes 'A'
Hayes 'A'8v10Maidenhead 'A'

Group B

Hammersmith 'A'13v5Maidenhead 'C'
Maidenhead 'C'6v12Maidenhead 'B'
Maidenhead 'B'6v12Hammersmith 'A'

Group C

Hayes 'B'15v3Hayes 'C'
Hayes 'C'9v9Renegade
Renegade7v11Hayes 'B'

The top team from each group will qualify for the semi-finals.

The best 2nd place team will also qualify (Decided by points then frames won - If two teams are still tied - 3-Man playoff to decide.


Hayes 'A'4v10Maidenhead 'A'
Hayes 'B'2v10Hammersmith 'A'

3rd/4th Place Playoff

Hayes 'B'4v10Hayes 'A'


Hammersmith 'A'10v7Maidenhead 'A'